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24 Hour Dentist

Tooth emergencies are in one word “painful”. Whether it’s a severe toothache in the middle of the night or abscess, it’s common to feel helpless when you find yourself in such situations. You might pop in some pain-killers or chew on aspirin but then nothing can assure you absolute relief. Thus, it’s best for you to bank on a 24 hour dentist clinic such as us since we aim to ensure the best possible cure for emergency dental situations.

Now, what can you expect from a credible 24 hour dental clinic?

Prompt appointment

We know emergency issues demand immediate attention from experts and hence we take care to ensure prompt appointment for our patients. You would simply require give us a call before you leave your home so that as you reach our clinic, we can have our doctors ready with the treatment solutions.

Any time service

As we are a 24 hour dentist clinic, we are ready to look after our patients at any hour of the day or night- be it the wee hours or the dark of night.

Certified dentists

As a reliable dental clinic, we promise to serve our patients with certified seasoned dentists only, well-versed in all emergency dental troubles and their respective solutions. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or lost crown or broken wires and braces- we are familiar with all.

Pain-free dentistry

Dental problems are painful and hence we take care to assure the most painless possible dental treatment for our patients. We want you to believe that you’re not along in the pain.

Temporary solutions

It’s not that we can’t do anything for you until we reach our clinic. As soon as you call us to inform about your dental issue, we will immediately inform you about home remedies that you can try all by yourself for temporary relief until you reach our clinic.