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Fortunate are the ones who grow up with a properly aligned perfect set of 32 teeth. But then not all are that lucky and we all know at least 3 persons with crooked teeth. Yes, you have the traditional braces yet none of us like that wired look, especially when you are a teen or an adult. Thus, the leading dentist in Mount Pritchard clinics today usually suggests for invisible braces to shape-up your misaligned teeth. Why so? Well, here is a small brief on the benefits of invisible over traditional braces. No wired look One of the major benefits of invisible braces is that it relieves you from that unwanted wired look. The modern option talks about a transparent brace which will retain the natural look of your teeth even when you are wearing it. Gone are the days when people used to be constantly embarrassed of their wired layer across the teeth. Safe option Another reason why we advise for invisible over conventional braces is that the modern option is a much safer avenue. The traditional braces could not be taken out during the course of the treatment and hence cleaning was extremely difficult- which in turn could lead to periodontal diseases. But invisible braces could be taken out anytime so that you can have a proper oral clean-up and can maintain a safe oral hygiene. More comfortable The protruding metal from conventional metal braces has always been uncomfortable for the gums. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why our dentist in Mount Pritchard advises for the invisible braces. These braces are designed to fit smoothly and painlessly on the teeth. Faster treatment With conventional braces, it can take about 5 years to correct you’re your teeth but invisible braces do the same job in a little more than 1 year.