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Gap Free or No Gap Dental

No-Gaps Dental Treatment

Gap Free or No Gap DentalYou can’t put a price on good health. It is the essential facet of human life that should never be taken for granted. Your healthcare providers understand this and provide you with several beneficial insurance policy extras, one of which is the No-Gap treatment.

Medicare Benefits Schedule Fee

Initially, let’s find out what the no-gap treatment involves and its significance:

The Medicare Benefits Schedule Fee (MBS) refers to the government-approved list of fees for patients’ standard Medicare-covered treatments and general services. Our private health fund sets a maximum limit for their payment over the MBS fee.

Regarding the No Gap Dental treatment – it simply means no extra fees for you. Applicable when your Medicare provider charges above the MBS fee, but under or up to the threshold of your health insurance. This difference that the patient has to pay is called the gap.

No gap is an additional insurance policy that may or may not be a part of your health insurance. If it is, Gap FREE dental benefit acts as a protective policy, ensuring you avoid paying additional charges when visiting dental practitioners.

As an enhancement to your insurance, GAP FREE provides additional protection and care that your health insurance is in place to improve and sustain.

Our No Gap Dental service

We provide no-gap dental treatments with individuals who have NIB dental cover Sydney and additionally provide the treatment for those who are HCF covered.

Consequentially, regarding our no gaps in dental treatment policy, we accept your payment as a complete payment if covered by your health insurance, providing you fulfill following conditions

  • Complete insurance criteria requirements are satisfied.
  • Availability of valid health fund card.
  • Annual benefit service expiration has not been exceeded.
  • Historic on time Insurance premium payments.

Design Dental based in Sydney is an NIB preferred provider dentist and has complete transparency in gap-free dental services. Even though you may not be aware of the benefits no-gap dental treatments can provide for you; we guarantee you full access and the opportunity to experience the significant savings available for your dental care.

Our Gap Free Service includes

  • Initial and regular dental examination.
  • X-rays (if necessary).
  • Treatment plan (if necessary).
  • Professional scaling and cleaning.
  • Fluoride treatments.
  • Preventive exams.
  • Oral cancer screening Sydney
  • Overall oral healthcare.

GAP FREE Dental Service with Design Dental

Furthermore, at Design Dental, we strive to provide a strong foundation for your lifelong dental health. Our No-Gap dental treatment provides our patients with valid preventative dental treatment at absolutely no extra cost.

We encourage all our patients to make regular visits to our dental clinic to receive Sydney’s most proficient preventative dental treatment. Along with the added value for your money provided by the no gap dental care scheme.

Ensure you and your family are on a path to affordable, quality dental care when you need it, by visiting our website today:

Call Us at 02 9686 3334 today to get more information, or use our Online Appointment system to schedule your visit at Design Dental Surgery Clinic.