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Dentist Shalvey

Design Dental – Shalvey Dental Clinic

Design Dental Clinic Shalvey is committed to the development and promotion of world class dental care in Shalvey, Sydney. We strive to offer our customers high quality dental services that improve their health, well-being and quality of life.

Our Mission:

Design Dental is committed to operate the best chain of dental clinics that delivers the highest quality dental care at the most affordable cost to our customers.

Our Vision:

At Design Dental, our vision is to be the most admired and preferred name in dental care through the clinics we build, the processes we establish, the people we employ, the customer service we deliver, the quality of products and services we provide and the overall experience we create for our customers.

Our Values:

  • Passion for Work. We believe that to succeed, we have to truly love what we do. We are passionate about our work, our customers, our goals and our company.
  • Determination to Succeed. We are determined to succeed in everything we do by performing our work to the best of our abilities and consistently achieving our goals.
  • Commitment to Excellence. We believe in promoting a culture of excellence. We are committed to be the best in our profession as dental care professionals through the pursuit of continuing education, training and experience.
  • Pursuit of Quality. We observe the highest standards of quality in the products we sell, the supplies we use and the services we perform.
  • Extraordinary Customer Service. To create the best dental care experience for our customers, we do not stop at only meeting their expectation. We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. We exceed expectations of customers in everything we say and do, every time and all the time.
  • Serving with Integrity and Compassion. As professionals delivering dental care, we always serve our customers with integrity and compassion. The health, safety and best interest of our customers is our priority.

Dental Treatments we provide:

Design Dental – Shalvey Dental Clinic

Address: 4/15 Railway Rd, Quakers Hill, Sydney NSW.
Telephone: (02) 9626 9293
Online Appointment: Click here to use our Online Appointment system to schedule your visit at Design Dental Surgery.
Opening Hours: 9:00 AM – 06:00 PM (7 Days a Week)